Father Lehtoranta has told me that thanks to the generosity of many contributors, he and St. Jerome Homeschool Library have reached their $6,000 goal needed to produce the Latin Mass board book!

Can’t wait to see it in print!

In the meantime, if you’ve got a great idea for an article, we are now accepting submissions and advertisements for the 2018 issues of Altar & Hearth.  The release date for Issue 8 isn’t set in stone yet, but it will probably be available shortly after Easter.

Issue 7 is FINALLY here!

Sorry to all of you who were diligently checking the site earlier today – I ended up having to do some last-minute tweaking and it took longer than expected, meaning that I barely squeaked by with getting this issue out on October 24th as promised.  It’s not midnight yet!  Hopefully it’ll be well worth the wait.

Cover issue 7



Calling All Writers!

AdvertisementMen and women, young and old, it’s time to start working on YOUR contribution to the next issue of Altar & Hearth Magazine!  At the moment, we are hoping for a release date in late September or early October.

All categories are currently open for submissions.  If in doubt, send your article in anyway – we’re always ready to take a look at it!  If you’re struggling with a piece, we can help you with editing and fine-tuning.

  • Home
  • Fashion – one idea pending, but having multiple articles per category is fantastic!
  • Health
  • Spirituality – one idea pending
  • Womanhood – one idea pending
  • Food
  • Etiquette
  • Humor
  • Relationships – one idea pending
  • Poetry
  • Fiction

It’s best if you can send us your own photos to go with your article, but if you’re not camera-savvy or don’t know where to look online for free photos, no worries.  Our staff can find or take some appropriate shots for you.

Love It vs. Hate It:  Online Dating

Share your thoughts and experiences with us through the contact page or directly via email.  Did you meet your spouse online?  Do you feel that it’s a good way to meet people you’d never meet otherwise?  Or do you only seem to run into weirdos?  Are you scared to try it?  Let us know!

Edits to “THE Book List”

After further reading and consideration, the editor wishes to post a retraction on the recommendation of some books listed in Issue 3 in the “16 years and up” category:

The Thirteenth Princess by Dianne Zahler due to very sensationalistic fairy-tale violence and a brief description of childbirth.

Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope due to a Protestant receiving Holy Communion (sacrilege) and a lax attitude concerning what appears to be a form of adultery disguised as platonic chivalry (this may be an incorrect perception?).  Editing may be able to correct these issues if parents approve of the rest of the story.

Parents of children wishing to read Tolkien’s The Silmarillion may also wish to edit “The Tale of Turin” due to mentions of nudity.

The article in Issue 3 has been corrected to reflect these changes in case you would like to re-download it.

Issue 6 is Here!

It took its time getting here but hopefully it’ll be well worth the wait!  Special thanks go to Knight Ranch in Oregon for sharing some great pictures with us for the “Seats & Saddles” article and to everyone who contributed articles and photos to make this issue happen.

We’re releasing a day early because our managing editor is going to be gone to a wedding all day tomorrow – better to jump ahead than to fall behind!

Altar & Hearth Issue 6 cover

Postponing, Postponing…But Still Coming!


So….I was originally hoping to put out Issue 6 at the end of March.  But then…life got crazy.  I have a pile of sewing work to finish before Holy Week, one of my best friends passed away at age 89 after 9 months in a nursing home, I started a new job and they want me to do a big presentation the last week of March, and I’m having connectivity issues with a hard drive that is holding a bunch of pictures I need for this issue.  Yeah.

Besides, it’s Lent, and who knows how many of you have given up fun Internet stuff.  Therefore, I have made an executive decision to move Issue 6 back a month.

Look for Issue 6 of Altar & Hearth Magazine on April 29, 2017!

Seeking Contributors!

three-wise-men-maria-dryfhoutHope you are not freezing to death here in early January as we celebrate New Year’s, Epiphany, and the rest of the Christmas season.  We are already starting to think about the next issue of A & H and as always we need Catholic writers to share their wonderful work with us!  (Otherwise we have to write the whole thing ourselves – scary!)

At this point we are open to submissions in all categories:  Food, Fashion, Health/Home, Womanhood, Relationships…even Etiquette issues that you’ve encountered.  Check out our submissions page for further guidelines, but if you’re in doubt as to whether something might make the cut or not, send it along regardless.  We’ll be happy to take a look at it!

We are tentatively aiming for a release date near the end of March, so it would be great if we could receive your pieces starting in February or even late January.

Altar & Hearth Issue 5 is here…

…and happy feast of St. Jerome!  Definitely a good saint to publish a Catholic magazine with.  Special thanks this time around go to eShakti for graciously allowing us to use some fantastic screenshots from their website – be sure to check out their stuff and like them on on social media!  Our awesome cover photo (yes, that is a real red caboose!) was taken at Mae Stecker Park in Shelby Township, Michigan, which is a photographer’s paradise featuring a lake, gardens, historical buildings, and a parked steam locomotive with tender and caboose, open to public posing and climbing. Great fun!

Now that it’s hurricane season for the southern states, you may have a more specific interest in listening to this musical arrangement of the French hymn mentioned in our feature story, a poignant reminder of the great Galveston Hurricane that struck in September of 1900.

You’ll notice that we’re doing a little experimenting with our cover – we’d love to hear your feedback!  Be sure to read the updates about advertising with us in the editor’s column; this is a great opportunity for home businesses and Catholic professionals to get their brand out there at a very reasonable cost, especially if they offer products and services online.

And as always, don’t forget to share with friends and spread the love!