Happy Easter to you all! Since the last issue was published in September of 2015, the head editor of A&H has welcomed an addition to her family, requiring she take some personal time off from working on the magazine. Colleen, the Design Editor, was kind enough to step in and bring you another issue of Altar and Hearth, but with her spin and slant on it. We think you’ll find much food for thought in this issue. Thanks to Colleen for taking point on this. (ISSUE 4 FOLLOWS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST!)

A bit of housekeeping regarding the publication of the magazine: This is a biannual magazine, published twice a year, but we are excited to announce that from here on out issues will be Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter rather than Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall. We would love to be able to offer the magazine more frequently, however, with such limited staff, resources, and the needs of our respective families and duties, this is as much as we can handle.

If you or any of your acquaintances are interested in helping bring Altar and Hearth to the world, we welcome your contributions. To help, please email altarandheartheditors at gmail dot com with your name, contact info, and somewhat about how you would like to contribute (if by writing, expound on the topic, the angle, etc. if with photography, please send demos of your work or a link to your portfolio, etc.)

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! To read Issue 4 of Altar and Hearth Magazine, click on the cover below. We welcome your commentary and opinions!

Spring-Summer 2016 new cover maybe


Cover Reveal for Issue 3 of A&H

It’s here! By the skin of our teeth, as our design editor prepares to go out of town and as our editor in chief prepares for a new arrival, it’s here. We’re still working on ironing out our publishing schedule – it’s only two issues a year, but trying to figure out where they should or can fall with our own schedules can be tricky!

But the cover is done! I know our fans are going to want to check out what we have going on in this issue, so here it is! Celebrate with us, share on social media, spread the love. Front Cover 2015 Summer finished

And the winner is….

1 (2)

Congratulations, Littleways! Please contact me with your snail mail addy at altarandheartheditors at gmail dot com (replace ‘at’ with ‘@’ and ‘dot’ with ‘.’) so I know where to send your rosary.

Thanks to all those who participated. Watch for a new issue of A&H coming out this fall.

Assumption Day Decade Rosary Drawing


We thought it would be appropriately festive for us to host a drawing giving away decade rosaries to mark the occasion of the Feast of the Assumption. You have TWO chances to win, on the blog here and on FB.

BVM coloring

The blog drawing decade rosary is handcrafted with pink crystals, a brass medallion centerpiece of the Immaculate medal, and a matching brass St. Benedict crucifix. If you win, be sure to get your decade blessed with the special blessing reserved for St. Benedict medals!

20150810_111556    pink crystal decade 1


In the comments, tell us what you’ll be doing to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. Will it be simple? Elaborate?

Head on over to our FB page to double your chances to win a decade rosary!

Thank you, and here’s a discount!

veilAltar and Hearth just went over 200 likes on FB this past week! To celebrate, we’re offering a coupon from Veils by Lily. Just enter coupon code AHMAG at check out to get free shipping on your order, and thank you for being a fan. We so much appreciate the support of this endeavor and hope to see it grow. So please, share it with your trad friends!