Altar and Hearth Magazine is an ezine by traditional Catholic women responding to the need for a magazine reflective of our principles and values. We are focused on providing lighthearted, whimsical, and inspirational content within a Catholic moral and cultural context.

No more ads for contraceptives. No more ladies in painted on yoga pants and sports bra tops. No more impractical, expensive crafts directed toward two-child families.

We invite you to take part by bringing your unique voice and experiences to the table. Tell us what moves you about your family, your friends, or your children. Share your amusing (or embarrassing!) anecdotes, photos, or stories. Conduct an interview with someone you think we should all know about.

Check out our Submissions page for guidelines and what we are looking for in coming publications or on the website. Thanks for stopping by!
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Colleen Eldracher – managing & design editor

Colleen Eldracher holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, with a major in Marketing and a minor in graphic design. As the oldest of seven children, she grew up in a traditional Catholic parish in Michigan and sings in the choir. She opened a home business making modest women’s clothing and wedding dresses in 2008 and in the last few years has gained considerable practice in making church vestments. She has over 5 years of experience tutoring/teaching algebra to adult students. She has given modesty seminars in Michigan and Ohio and enjoys writing historical fiction – none published yet.

M. Zapp – founder & former editor-in-chief

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M. Zapp is a mother, an avid fan of the British Regency, artist and writer. After editing for her high school newspaper and working for a small town paper between college semesters, she never lost her love for the publishing world. She’s been published on Page and Spine Literary Showcase, My Light Magazine, White Ash Magazine, and CatholicLane.com. She also freelances on occasion.

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