Merry Christmas…

…but no winter issue this year, either. By the end of January, I will have had 2 roommates get married and move out on me within the space of a year, and hopefully will have acquired a third, and I will have acquired 2 nieces or nephews (one is already here, and she is cute, fat, and very bald). Plus I’ve been dealing with some minor but frustrating health issues which leave me generally drained and unmotivated.

So, rather than add to my holiday stress and the list of must-do projects that I’m already procrastinating on, I’ve just decided to wait until spring and try again. I had the fall issue maybe halfway done, so that will definitely make things easier once I get back around to it.

Hopefully by then my naturopath will also have been able to give my system a bit of a reboot so I can get some energy back!

Skipping an Issue

Some of you have probably been wondering where on earth the 2021 Spring/Summer Issue is, and the bad news is that there just isn’t going to be one. Here’s the story:

In March, about when I was planning to start working on this issue, my youngest brother made the surprising announcement that he and his Australian sweetheart had decided to get married before her visitor’s visa expired, rather than have her go back to the other side of the world and possibly never be seen again due to all the lockdowns and international travel restrictions. A crazy 10 days followed, in which we put together an entire wedding, complete with dress, cake, flowers, rings, tuxedos, reception, and, due to the extenuating circumstances, a full-blown church wedding. (Thank goodness my sister is a pastry chef who makes wedding cakes for a living, I made wedding dresses for 10 years as a home business and had connections to borrow dresses from, we had my grandparents’ rings, and that one of my other brothers had just gotten married back in September, so everything we had to do was fresh in our minds!)

All this came in the middle of planning my roommate’s wedding, which took place (as had been scheduled 4 months earlier, at least!) exactly a month later, just after Easter. Once again, I was involved in dressmaking and photography, along with the regular bustle and hustle of Holy Week.

Now I’m in the crunch of the last few weeks of school for the year, and, while I could possibly crank out a short issue once my break starts, I’m still developing pictures from a wedding and have 2 vestment sets and a cope to make up over the summer, not to mention an annual singles event to run at the beginning of July.

I think I’d better just focus on getting all of that done, and the plan is to jump back in with the Fall/Winter Issue in September or October.

It’s FINALLY Here!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a happy New Year!  This is our latest Fall/Winter issue to date, but it seemed like the obstacles and interruptions were never-ending, and there was always something else that needed to be done.  Hopefully you will have a little time over the holidays to kick back in a comfy chair with your beverage of choice and enjoy!

13 Fall-Winter 2020

Parental Warning: “The Return of the Thief”

It is with great regret and no small measure of annoyance that we find the need to warn parents that the sixth and last book of Meghan Whalen Turner’s The Queen’s Thief series needs editing.

After successfully skirting dangerous issues for five wonderful and engaging installments – leading us to recommend the series in our Issue 3 “Book List” – in the sixth installment the author comes out of left field and makes it clear that two of the supporting characters are homosexual.

While there are no gratuitous sex scenes, nevertheless there is also no mistaking it. There are perhaps 5 or 6 scenes throughout the book that make further reference to it, or to the same issue with minor characters.

We cannot express just how disappointing and frustrating this is, and wanted to make sure you had adequate warning before simply purchasing the book for your teens on the assumption that it would be clean like the others.

Below, we have given the pertinent page and line numbers for parents who wish to salvage the book without having the time to read the entire series. The insertions fit smoothly with the general storyline and character arcs.

If anyone finds a scene we missed, please let us know via our contact page.

Spoiler-Free Edits (Hardcover Edition)

Necessary hand-written insertions/replacements are in italics. Deletions are shown by …

Page 161

  • Lines 3-16.  Cut entirely.

Page 222

  • Lines 3-4. Cut the first sentence on line 3 up to the word “Teleus.”  Then change the rest of the sentence to say, “Teleus turned to see my frown.”
  • Line 5. Change to, “He does not approve of my going,” said Relius.
  • Lines 19-20. Change to, “Teleus clapped him grimly on the shoulder and left.”
  • Lines 22-23. Cut completely.

Page 229

  • Lines 14-15. Cut the sentence about winter sports in Eddis.

Page 269

  • Lines 2-3. Cut the entire sentence about Legarus. You may want to retroactively edit the scene near the two-thirds mark of King of Attolia where Aristogiton’s squad is in prison and Legarus is crying to say that he was betrayed by a “friend.”
  • Lines 5-17.  Cut the end of Line 5 starting with “I wondered…” through to the section break.

Page 365

  • Line 11. Change to, “that the friend he’d betrayed had died”

Page 422

  • Line 16. Cut “and kisses.” It has been established that formal greetings involve some kind of kiss of peace but in the context it just comes across weird.

Page 436

  • Lines 15-16.  Put a period after “Costis was dancing with his younger sister” and cut up to the word “Teleus.”  Change Line 16 to read, “I saw Teleus, who’d propped himself against the crenelated wall.”
  • Lines 18-19.  Put a period after “The captain refused to dance” and then cut the rest of the sentence.

Pages 441-443 (Optional)

  • You may want to modify the exposition about the behavior of the gods and goddesses, but since Greek/imitation Greek deities are notoriously immoral it can probably be glossed over and ignored.

Issue 12

For your reading enjoyment in all the extra leisure moments you may be having these days, we are happy to present our next issue!  Be sure to check out the section on giving haircuts – it may come in handy!

Altar & Hearth Issue 12 Spring-Summer 2020 cover

Merry Christmas, and…

…enjoy Issue 11!  We made it, yay!  (And there’s a bit of an explanation of why this issue is sooooooo late inside.)  As always, we welcome your feedback, and we’re always accepting submissions and ideas for future articles.

We are also in the process of compiling an email list, so if you would like to be on it, just shoot us a note at, or follow us from the sidebar.  If you end up on the list and would like to be removed, simply reply to that effect.

Have a blessed 2020!

Altar & Hearth Issue 11 Cover

It’s gonna be late…

…but it is coming!

Issue 11 is looking like it will be out in late November or December at this point due to a HUGE sewing project with a tight deadline that is eating up most of our editor’s free time at the moment. (She’s looking forward to having a life again afterwards.)

Submissions are therefore still open, so if you have an idea for an article, or even suggestions for what you would like to see an article on, send it in!

Issue 9 squeaks in under the wire!

It’s FINALLY here!  Before Thanksgiving, no less, which is rather amazing considering how many delays we had this time around.  Hopefully you’ll find it well worth the wait, even if we didn’t quite make our All Saints’ Day projection.  A huge thank-you to all of our contributors who sent stories and poems!

Stay warm and have a wonderful holiday season with your families!

Altar & Hearth Issue 9 Fall-Winter 2018 Cover