Issue 12

For your reading enjoyment in all the extra leisure moments you may be having these days, we are happy to present our next issue!  Be sure to check out the section on giving haircuts – it may come in handy!

Altar & Hearth Issue 12 Spring-Summer 2020 cover

Merry Christmas, and…

…enjoy Issue 11!  We made it, yay!  (And there’s a bit of an explanation of why this issue is sooooooo late inside.)  As always, we welcome your feedback, and we’re always accepting submissions and ideas for future articles.

We are also in the process of compiling an email list, so if you would like to be on it, just shoot us a note at, or follow us from the sidebar.  If you end up on the list and would like to be removed, simply reply to that effect.

Have a blessed 2020!

Altar & Hearth Issue 11 Cover

It’s gonna be late…

…but it is coming!

Issue 11 is looking like it will be out in late November or December at this point due to a HUGE sewing project with a tight deadline that is eating up most of our editor’s free time at the moment. (She’s looking forward to having a life again afterwards.)

Submissions are therefore still open, so if you have an idea for an article, or even suggestions for what you would like to see an article on, send it in!

Issue 9 squeaks in under the wire!

It’s FINALLY here!  Before Thanksgiving, no less, which is rather amazing considering how many delays we had this time around.  Hopefully you’ll find it well worth the wait, even if we didn’t quite make our All Saints’ Day projection.  A huge thank-you to all of our contributors who sent stories and poems!

Stay warm and have a wonderful holiday season with your families!

Altar & Hearth Issue 9 Fall-Winter 2018 Cover

I spy an issue in the distance!

At the moment, the plan is to put out Issue 9 around All Saints’ Day, at the end of October.  Our managing editor moved, again, and since it’s a much more permanent move this time there has been a lot of paperwork and errands that need doing.  Plus she doesn’t have internet at her apartment yet, so that makes things go even more slowly.

We are still taking submissions for this issue if you have a piece you’d like to see published!



Help the Sisters!

30660966_152944647370760_r.jpegAs of August 5, 2018, two traditional Catholic Benedictine nuns will be relying on the generosity of friends and parishioners for their lodging.  To donate to their cause, use this link to their GoFundMe page:


Any assistance will be remembered in the congregation’s prayers!



Father Lehtoranta has told me that thanks to the generosity of many contributors, he and St. Jerome Homeschool Library have reached their $6,000 goal needed to produce the Latin Mass board book!

Can’t wait to see it in print!

In the meantime, if you’ve got a great idea for an article, we are now accepting submissions and advertisements for the 2018 issues of Altar & Hearth.  The release date for Issue 8 isn’t set in stone yet, but it will probably be available shortly after Easter.