Skipping an Issue

Some of you have probably been wondering where on earth the 2021 Spring/Summer Issue is, and the bad news is that there just isn’t going to be one. Here’s the story:

In March, about when I was planning to start working on this issue, my youngest brother made the surprising announcement that he and his Australian sweetheart had decided to get married before her visitor’s visa expired, rather than have her go back to the other side of the world and possibly never be seen again due to all the lockdowns and international travel restrictions. A crazy 10 days followed, in which we put together an entire wedding, complete with dress, cake, flowers, rings, tuxedos, reception, and, due to the extenuating circumstances, a full-blown church wedding. (Thank goodness my sister is a pastry chef who makes wedding cakes for a living, I made wedding dresses for 10 years as a home business and had connections to borrow dresses from, we had my grandparents’ rings, and that one of my other brothers had just gotten married back in September, so everything we had to do was fresh in our minds!)

All this came in the middle of planning my roommate’s wedding, which took place (as had been scheduled 4 months earlier, at least!) exactly a month later, just after Easter. Once again, I was involved in dressmaking and photography, along with the regular bustle and hustle of Holy Week.

Now I’m in the crunch of the last few weeks of school for the year, and, while I could possibly crank out a short issue once my break starts, I’m still developing pictures from a wedding and have 2 vestment sets and a cope to make up over the summer, not to mention an annual singles event to run at the beginning of July.

I think I’d better just focus on getting all of that done, and the plan is to jump back in with the Fall/Winter Issue in September or October.

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