2 thoughts on “Issue 10! Blow the Trumpets!

  1. rknoll.john@cogeco.ca says:

    Hi Colleen: Glad to read that you are a teacher. I taught all elementary grades except Grade 4 as well as high school science and as you know college. Also glad to read that you are making good use of the sewing machine! Lovely photo of you! How is the rest of your family doing? One correction I would suggest. First page: Above the title In The Middle of Nowhere you have above it “When you are single”. This phrase (orange in color) to be consistent should be placed below “In the Middle of Nowhere”. Presentation throughout is excellent (I didn’t read all of the articles). A few questions: Has permission been given for use of the photos or are they royalty free? If permission had to be obtained, was it done in writing? All My Best, Ray


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