Issue 8 Arrives in the Afternoon

Hard to believe we’ve made it up to EIGHT issues already!  Just an FYI for our readers – due to my teaching job, any time that a release date is also a school day, the issue will hit the web a couple hours after I get off at 3:25 pm.  I’m definitely not into midnight releases, LOL!

Cover 8

Postponing, Postponing…But Still Coming!


So….I was originally hoping to put out Issue 6 at the end of March.  But then…life got crazy.  I have a pile of sewing work to finish before Holy Week, one of my best friends passed away at age 89 after 9 months in a nursing home, I started a new job and they want me to do a big presentation the last week of March, and I’m having connectivity issues with a hard drive that is holding a bunch of pictures I need for this issue.  Yeah.

Besides, it’s Lent, and who knows how many of you have given up fun Internet stuff.  Therefore, I have made an executive decision to move Issue 6 back a month.

Look for Issue 6 of Altar & Hearth Magazine on April 29, 2017!

Assumption Day Decade Rosary Drawing


We thought it would be appropriately festive for us to host a drawing giving away decade rosaries to mark the occasion of the Feast of the Assumption. You have TWO chances to win, on the blog here and on FB.

BVM coloring

The blog drawing decade rosary is handcrafted with pink crystals, a brass medallion centerpiece of the Immaculate medal, and a matching brass St. Benedict crucifix. If you win, be sure to get your decade blessed with the special blessing reserved for St. Benedict medals!

20150810_111556    pink crystal decade 1


In the comments, tell us what you’ll be doing to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. Will it be simple? Elaborate?

Head on over to our FB page to double your chances to win a decade rosary!

We NEED your opinion!!

Hey all you lovely ladies! Giving a Clue

In every issue of Altar and Hearth we include a Love it/Hate it section where we ask a question which is frequently a point of controversy and then publish your answers.

Our question for our next issue is below.

Giving a Clue:

“Someone’s bra strap slipped out, their slip is showing, or their zipper is down. They have no idea. But some people hate being told about it, and others love to know ASAP. Do you give them a clue, or just hope they figure it out soon?”

Please do us a favor and email your 2-3 sentence opinion on ‘Giving a Clue’ to Altar and Hearth at altarandheartheditors at gmail dot com. We’ll need just your first name and state/country for attribution. And TIA!!

Come see our closet on Pinterest!

Or what we wish was our closet. 🙂 There are some beautiful clothes on our Pinterest fashion board. I’ll try to keep the styles changed up, because bows and polka dots are not for everyone.

We invite you to follow, and share with your friends! Click on the pic below to check it out for yourself.


M. Zapp

pinterest closet