Fielding opinions for Love It/Hate It column in Issue 2 of Altar and Hearth


Love It: Social media is great! I’m able to connect with so many more long distance friends and like-minded people.

Hate it: Social media is a big time-waster! It promotes pride, vanity and gossip. The good aspects of it are not worth it.

What are your thoughts? Drop me a line at altarandheartheditors at gmail dot com – two to three sentences giving your opinion, along with your first name and your state’s initials. And, as always, much love to all of you for supporting Altar and Hearth Magazine!

2 thoughts on “Fielding opinions for Love It/Hate It column in Issue 2 of Altar and Hearth

  1. karen says:

    I believe social media is basically a good thing. However, it has potential for bad, too. It is like all things, moderation is best. But, to have such a tool at our fingertips, to evangelize with, that is a good thing. One must ‘police’ one’s habits in order to work it for the good.

  2. Colleen Eldracher says:

    I don’t know that I either “love” or “hate” it. I find social media useful as a promotional tool for my business, but more often than not I tend o neglect it. 😀

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