We NEED your opinion!!

Hey all you lovely ladies! Giving a Clue

In every issue of Altar and Hearth we include a Love it/Hate it section where we ask a question which is frequently a point of controversy and then publish your answers.

Our question for our next issue is below.

Giving a Clue:

“Someone’s bra strap slipped out, their slip is showing, or their zipper is down. They have no idea. But some people hate being told about it, and others love to know ASAP. Do you give them a clue, or just hope they figure it out soon?”

Please do us a favor and email your 2-3 sentence opinion on ‘Giving a Clue’ to Altar and Hearth at altarandheartheditors at gmail dot com. We’ll need just your first name and state/country for attribution. And TIA!!

2 thoughts on “We NEED your opinion!!

  1. Karen says:

    It depends on the person with the issue. Do I know them? If so, I just mention it quietly, to them. If I don’t, then I won’t say anything. How embarrassing would it be to tell a guy you don’t know that his fly is open? lol

  2. Jennifer Richesson says:

    Depending on the setting and if it could be done discreetly, I would certainly try to give the person a clue. However, one would have to save her breath most of the time when it comes to bra straps. Unfortunately, it’s become so commonplace now to intentionally show them when wearing tank-tops.

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