Seeking Photos

Altar and Hearth Magazine is currently seeking photos to place in the magazine.

If you have high quality, impromptu shots of you, your friends, your spouse, your kids, your gardens, flower beds, favorite outfits, activities, statues, landscapes or any mixture of the above we would appreciate your help with this.

You may not be a professional photographer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have some stand out pics.  Please follow the guidelines listed below, and thank you for helping support Altar and Hearth!

  • Between 500 and 1,500 total number of pixels
  • Modest – please no bared shoulders, cleavage or deep necklines, no knee caps or thighs.  Anything with lace should be tasteful and not reminiscent of bedroom wear.
  • Personally owned – as per copy right infringement laws,  you must personally own any photos you send us.
  • Query us first with a description of the photos you’d like to send in, or even better, send us a link to your personal blog if you have photos you’d like to see in the magazine.

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