ALTAR AND HEARTH ISSUE 1 is officially launched!

It's Here


Oh, yeah, peeps!  The first issue of Altar and Hearth Magazine has been launched.  As of right now, it’s just an ezine, while I figure out how to print out some copies for a select few who have donated the Beyond Classy amount toward production.  So, if you want to read (it’s free), go to our ISSUES PAGE and click on the PDF link to read online or down load.

Also, check out our new Contests page, maybe you’d like to enter!

Change of plans

When I founded this magazine, the plan was to use as the ezine platform for publication.  But I just discovered that in order to access magazines on joomag, one has to sign up.


Since I think that will limit readership (honestly, I can’t imagine many signing up for that, I know I wouldn’t) I am nixing the Joomag idea and instead will be publishing right from this website.  You should be able to read or download it right from the ISSUES page.  User friendly and simple is always better, right? 🙂  Look for the inaugural issue of Altar and Hearth Magazine on June 9th!