Odds and Ends

Help Wanted!


The Winter Issue of Altar and Hearth will be coming out soon (confirmed dates in a future post!). We would like to see it published at least four times a year, but we need help!

If you or someone you know is experienced and willing to volunteer in any of the following positions (extremely light part-time work, please contact us at altarandheartheditors at gmail dot com. Crowd funded and relying on public support, this non-profit ezine can’t afford to offer compensation. But you will build experience for a portfolio, which can be a huge benefit if you ever need to work from home.

Thank you so much for your likes and shares. They are incredibly encouraging!

Social Media Marketing (sharing on twitter, sharing and posting on the Altar and Hearth FB page)
Pinning and sharing on Pinterest
Copy editing/proofreading
Photoshop/graphic design
Article writing


Easter Eggs

Probably won’t be posting again until after Easter, so here’s a preemptive greeting!

Just wanted to update all of our interested parties.  The magazine is coming along smoothly.  I’ve received some article contributions from a few intrepid souls (intrepid because I can’t compensate them for their effort at this point!) and am waiting on several more promised ones.

I’ll be doing a big reveal of the lovely cover and celebrate with a free hard copy give-away in May.   So excited!  In the meantime, I can tell you we have about half of our articles in and are looking at a 20-22 pg. ezine.

We are still seeking articles on Health and Outdoors, Spiritual Life, Home and Family, Relationships, Fiction and Poetry, anecdotes for Everyday Funny, and your worst photo for our Photo Journal.  Topics currently filled are Food, and Fashion and Beauty.

A reminder to all of you that would like to see this happen, we are currently running our GoFundMe campaign.  We appreciate any support you can provide to the completion of this endeavor!  Click on the link to contribute:

Altar and Hearth Go Fund Me